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Monday, 17 December 2012

Mixed Emotions

Mick and I starting a new journey.

With new chapters comes nerves, anticipation and excitement and I'm definitely feeling all 3 about moving home home. 

It might sound strange that I'm feeling slightly nervous about moving home, after all, it is the place I was born and bred, but the place has changed so much since I last lived there 7 years ago. 

Well, not the actual place, the beaches are still left untouched from their natural beauty, my small town still thrives and there's still peace and tranquility, but the people have changed for me. My good girlfriends from high school have moved away and it's hard to imagine moving home and starting our family without them around. You see, my friends in Adelaide have become like family to me, and I'm extremely close to them. They've supported me through my successes, decisions and tough times. And while I know that I can Skype, road tripppppp and fly back to Adelaide cashed up for girly weekends of shopping, it's just not quite the same as knowing that I can pop over and see them.

I also feel as though I haven't had to worry about fitting in since school. I've been super amazingly lucky to have played for a great netball club in Adelaide, to have met some very "speshwal"friends through uni and to enjoy their company over the years. Now, I'll be finding my place again, and I'm a little scared to be honest. 

But have no fear, there are many many things that I am super excited about, like starting a new job, meeting new colleagues, making new friends and being challenged again.  

I also truly can't wait to live closer to my family, as I have definitely come to appreciate them a whole lot more since moving away. I can't wait to be able to pop around to mum and dads for tea, and to cuddle my little baby niece who is due to come into this world in April.

But possibly the most exciting thing about moving home is becoming Mrs Traeger in October next year and seeing where our life takes us on our new journey. No matter what, I know that Mick will always be there to support me 100% and there's something amazingly comforting in knowing that.

Have you ever moved back to your home town after moving away? How did you feel? Did you have similar feelings to me?

It gives me butterflies knowing that I will always face life's challenges with Mick by my side.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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