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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Keeping the LOVE in a Relationship


When lust turns to love and love turns to years, how do you keep the spring in the step of your partner? I mean, after all, it’s one thing to love someone, it’s a whole other ball game learning how to show this love, particularly in a way that your partner understands.

Here’s some little tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way:

1.       When you are checking out your partner, let them know – “mmm damn – you have a mighty fine derrière!” Trust me – you won’t be able to wipe the goofish smile off of their face.

2.       Buy/create/send them a little present just because – and not for a specific reason like an anniversary, birthday or Christmas. You can always attach a little message like “just because I love you”.

3.       Tell them when you appreciate something that they have done for you – “mmmm these two minute noodles are mouth watering – thanks a million”.

4.       Date nights – I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something about the word “date” that makes me giggle, form butterflies in my belly and feel like a little pile of mush again. They don’t have to be elaborate or expensive – play board games, go for a walk, watch a movie and snuggle on the couch, go out for tea, cook a meal and turn the tv off – just create a time and date to spend time together and stick to it.

5.       Fondle with their bum – go on – do it. Just a little pinch (not too hard), tap or rub here and there - watch how it improves their mood!

6.       Write a little note for them – either in their lunch box, on the steering wheel of the car, on the kitchen table or whenever they are likely to see it – I hope you have a great day – can’t wait to see you tonight – or just something to let them know that you love and appreciate them.

7.       When you go shopping – add a little extra something in the trolley that you know they’ll love. It could be chocolate, a reduced bunch of flowers that you quickly rip the tag off, pistachio nuts, a bag of chips – anything! Let them know that you were thinking of them while you were shopping and bought them a little treat.

8.       When you say “I love you” – every now and again tell them why. “I love you because you make me smile”. 

9.       Pay particular attention and ohhhh and awwww when they are telling you something that they are obviously really passionate about – “HAHA yes it’s funny when a giant jug of juice randomly bursts through a court scene in Family Guy – *insert sarcastic laugh here*

10.   Don’t be afraid to spice things up a little bit – buy that naughty piece of lingerie, read Fifty Shades of Grey, try a different position every now and again (outside of your normal routine – you know you have one) – try and keep that spark alive!


Do you have any tips for keeping the butterflies a fluttering?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

I can NOT recommend this book enough!

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