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Friday, 28 December 2012

Call me old school butttt...

-I still love writing and receiving letters. Receiving letters makes the mail box still seem like a mail box, and not a bill box. It's nice to know that someone has taken the time to write you a letter, lick a stamp and march on down to the post office to send it on it's merry way.
-I still love playing board games. While at first everyone groans and grumps when I suggest a board game, it's fun to see everyone laughing, stirring each other up, and drawing, acting, sculpting, describing or thinking tactfully while trying to outsmart their opponents. It's so much nicer then all sitting in front of the tv.
- I would rather read a hard copy book than e-books. There's something relaxing and comforting about giving your eyes a rest away from a digital screen, and feeling the weight of a book as you flick through the pages from the front to the back cover, revealing the words within and escaping into other characters lives.
- I still love calling friends just because and not for a specific reason. It's so nice to hear your friends voice and how the sound changes as they describe different events, instead of reading their latest status updates.
-I love 90s and old school music. Nothing beats hearing the sounds of familiar songs blearing through the speakers as you bust out the familiar dance moves to "stop right now", Nutbush City Limit, the Macarena  and all of the classics. Bring on pulling silly dance moves over trying to sexily wiggle your bum cheeks on the dance floor, feeling the all too unwelcome wobble of excess fat, while trying to flick your head and jive to the doof doof beats.
-I still think quality time is the most precious gift that we can give anyone.
What old school things do you love and miss?
Look after yourself and those around you,
Kirsty xxxx

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