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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Secret Santa

I love giving presents, in fact, I become so excited when I find the perfect gift for someone that I have to restrain myself from picking up the phone and telling them alllll about it...soooo when some fellow bloggers were organising a secret Santa from all around the world, I jumped at the opportunity to meet new people and send a little gift overseas.

I was soooo excited when I slumped through the door after a long day at the office and mick pointed to a parcel that had arrived! Oh me oh my, I could hardly contain my excitement.

I'm a present ripper opener, and not someone who ever so painfully slowly slides their finger carefully under each piece of sticky tape and carefully folds the paper away for reuse the next year. No, I had paper flailing everywhere, eager to see what lay within the festive wrappers.


The package that arrived!

A present within a present.

1. A beautifully scented candle that I couldn't wait to fill my house with the aroma.

2. A cute mug to fill my green tea obsession.

3. One of my all time favourite sayings on a fridge magnet.

4. Some tasty treats all the way from new Zealand that I greedily devoured.

I was stoked and absoloutly loved the thought that went into each and every present.

Amy with her boyfriend - isn't she gorgeous!

I sent a little gift over to New Zealand to Amy, who writes the amazing blog Dreaming. Wishing. Doing. Check out what I sent here.

Are you playing secret Santa this year? What do you love about it?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kristy xxxx

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Dreaming. Wishing. Doing. said...

Yay! So pleased you liked it! Hope you had a great christmas/new years!