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Monday, 7 January 2013

Boobs and Bum Everywhere!

Big boobs are overrated - well, I think so anyway, and I have been rather endowed with large-ish breasts.

They seriously make life, well, entertaining? I'm not sure if that's the word? I mean, getting black eyes while running, having to search through racks and racks of super cute bras for ones that actually fit, dying to get home and rip off your bras to let them roam free and bikini shopping is always interesting.

On that last one, bikini shopping = nightmare.

Here goes.

The traditional bikini
Take for example the traditional look bikini ala the one below. Could you imagine having to carry 3-5kgs of fat around by your neck? I mean, that's really what boobs are...fat with a nipple attached! And surprise, surprise, not all women like to get their twins out...it's somewhat awkward looking down and being greeted by your voluptuous curves - hello girls!

 The chest rack bikini

Aka the most impractical bikini for a girl who is well endowed. Seriously, they might be cutesy wootsey for someone with a flatter chest, but just one wave is all it needs to get your girls out for the entire world to see! Definitely not a great idea, unless of course, you attach a halter neck, and then you have the same problem as the traditional bikini!
The bra bikini
The bra bikini seems to be the most practical for larger breasts, if you like your boobs being squeezed together. At least you don't have to contend with a sore neck, and boobs popping out here, there and everywhere.


I found one recently, except the bottoms made my butt look like this (the bottoms were teeny weeny yellow pocka dot bikini!):

So, while this post is written very tongue in cheek, anyone who has larger breasts I am sure, could relate.

So when you see me, or other larger girls busting out this, you'll know why:

 Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx


Eesh said...

Haha! I totally agree! It's difficult finding a nice swimsuit that supports the girls if you're well...blessed.


Dreaming. Wishing. Doing. said...

Hahaha I laughed at this so much! And I am one of the flat chested girls! I always feel like everyone is looking at my lack of boobs when I wear a bikini lol. I guess we'll never be happy with what we have ah!

Anonymous said...

Have just stumbled across this Kirst and laughed my head off. You are a funny funny lady and your blogging just gets better and better xoxoxo Clarence