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Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Year That Was 2012 in Photos

2012 started with a bang for us, or should I say bling?

Getting Engaged!
Yup, that's right, after 9 years together Mick popped the question on the 7th of January in tropical far North Queensland! Talk about a super exciting start to 2012!

Mick moments before he got down on one knee carefully concealing the ring in his pocket!

"OMG OMG OMG it's happening - it's really happening!" (my reaction!)

We were so nervous that we were both shaking!
My blingy bling!

The picnic with a bottle of champaign that wasn't even Passion Pop (Australia's cheapest champers!) Also note the key - he'd booked a bungalow above the rainforest!

Celebrating in style!
He'd packed our bags, including a dress for me! We celebrated over more champers and an amazing 3 course meal!

We also set out with 3 massive renovating goals for 2012.

1. To build a massive outside area.

We managed to turn this:

It may look nicer than it did, but seriously, it was a MESS!

To this - an amazing outside area with fans, lights, a gable, paving, wine barrels and perfect for entertaining!

2. Turning the shed into a granny flat with an ensuite.

From this -
Into this:

And painting the inside of the house to remove the pinks and greens and turning them into creams!

It was a HUGE year of painting, tiling, digging holes, gardening, shopping and building up our guns! hahaha

Fiji and a Wedding!
In September my little sister got married in Fiji so we celebrated in style for 2 weeks!

My partner, Mick, my new brother in law, Ash, the gorgeous bride and my sister, Tegan and me, the luscious bridesmaid lol!
Not many have a wedding like this!
The pool and swim up board at Sonasli!
Me sipping cocktails in the pool!

Getting all done and dirty!
 A baby!
My little sister announced that she was 12 weeks pregnant in September! Sooo superly excited to become an aunty!

 An Amazing friendship!
I met this little lady on new years eve 2011 and by 2012 we celebrated in style together by floating around on inflatable mattresses in the water at one of my favourite beaches. Getting to know Amy has definitely be a highlight!

A netball premiership!

Back to back premierships! A whoop!

Netball trip to Melbourne for the horse racing!

This fascinators, champagne, horses, pretty dresses, heels, dancing and shopping!
My blog!
 I am so proud of my little bloggy! I was so determined to share my story with mental health to help others that I bite the bullet, grabbed life by the balls and turned words into actions in June. Since then I have had over 30,000 page views! It gives me the biggest butterflies running into people I know who read my blog and receiving positive feedback from complete strangers! 

I also love love love having guest bloggers and learning more about their life experiences.

Writing for ABC Open and being nominated as a star contributor has also rocked my socks!

There have been many other special memories throughout 2012 but these are definitely the highlights!

What were your highlights for 2012? Did you set and meet your goals? I'd love to hear about them! Remember to not be ashamed to celebrate your successes - you should be proud and pop a bottle of champers...or 2, or 3!

I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

Tune in for my "focuses" for 2013 on Monday!

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Marianna Dunn said...

aww what a fun year!!! here's to 2013 being even better! :)

Happy New Year girl!