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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Our Renovations: Before and After

In May 2011 my partner and I became indebted to the bank forever very excited home owners to an investment property in Adelaide.

As with most home owners, we had big dreams for our baby.

1. We wanted to paint the inside of the house; bright pinks and greens weren't quite our flavour.

2. We wanted to build a massive outside entertaining area. Being the massive entertainers that we are, we knew that it'd be a great selling point for later. The inside of the house is also quite small (90 metres squared) so we knew that if we wanted to add value, we had to increase the living space.

3. Turn the old run down shed into a granny flat with an ensuite. This would turn the house from a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom into a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a massive outside area as well as garden beds and a grassed area too.

 Bedrooms2Bathrooms1Car Spaces2
 Bedrooms3Bathrooms2Car Spaces1

As with any new renovators we started all excited and I guess naive as to just how much time and money would be invested in these projects.

But, have no fear, 18 months on we have achieved our goals and today I get to share the before and after shots with you!
I can honestly say that renovating has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that I have ever faced in my life to date!

I'm so proud of everything that we have achieved!

BEFORE The lounge room BEFORE renovating. The walls were a pinkish colour with maroon trimmings.            

AFTER The room looks so much bigger now with cream walls and white trimmings. The best thing about the lounge room is that you can open up the double french turns and combine the inside and outside area!

BEFORE The spare bedroom before renovating. Note the lovely green walls.
AFTER The spare room after painting - keeping the cream theme throughout the house that makes the rooms look so much bigger! 

BEFORE The main room before painting - a lovely shade of pink.
AFTER The main room AFTER painting in the cream.
BEFORE The outside area before renovating. This may make it look nicer then it actually was. There was vine growing everywhere, water would lay near the house, and there was green mouldy shade cloth everywhere.   
AFTER renovating. This photo was taken at the same angle as the above photo. The outside area now has paving, a gable with ceiling fans, the shed has been painted cream and it is much nicer for entertaining, adding an extra 90 square metres of living area to the house!
AFTER renovating. This side of the yard was full of overgrowing bushes and was a wreck. We found dog bones, bouncy balls, golf balls and things you don't even want to know about when landscaping this area!
BEFORE - outside area.

BEFORE - the dodgey old green shed that looked like it needed pulling down.
AFTER The shed has been painted cream, a door and window has been added, and it's been turned into a granny flat!

AFTER The inside of the granny flat!
AFTER The granny flat looks AMAZING!

AFTER  The ensuite inside the granny flat.

As you can see there have been some major changes!

We are super happy and proud of our efforts!

Have you ever renovated? What have you love/hated about it?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx 


Amy Laura said...

Love it! You guys have put so much hard work into it all! Bet you can't wait to do it all again ;)

The Thrifty Challenge said...

Wow! You guys have been working so hard ! I love the changes, in particular the awesome granny flat. Looking forward to seeing the changes you make to your cummins house! X

Kylie Shepperd said...

Golly Gosh Kirst and Freakster you have done a fantastic job of your renos !!! Don't you just love 'before and after' photos to see how far you've come. I know Ted likes to look back on our bus renos to see that all the hard work was all worth it :) Great job guys x

Audrey said...

If I ever need renovations done to my place I know who to call! Your place looks just great. It must make it a little hard to leave when you have just finished getting it into ship shape?