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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dear My 19 Year Old Self...

Live it up.

Seriously. Enjoy your 12 hour a week university timetable. Sleep in, and I mean really sleep in; never again will you get the chance to wake up at 10am on weekdays. So don't be a fool, enrol in those later classes.

Ladies night on a Thursday night? Hell yes. Get your kit and kaboodle on, with your short dress and barely visible cellulite, and bust out those dance moves baby. What was that? 4 free vodkas for ladies night at PJ O'Briens...I think a big fat yes! Get the girls around for pre drinks and stay out until you can't dance no more...trust me, the only energy you'll have left on a Thursday night once you start full time work is being able to sling your bra off onto thecouch as you plop your ass down!!!

What was that? 3 months holiday off over summer. Save your little butt off and get your ass on a flight overseas somewhere. Seriously. In a couple of years you'll only have 4 weeks a year break...yes, you heard right FOUR, and some of that time is taken out by mandatory Christmas holidays so go. It doesn't matter if you have to fly on the cheapest, dodgiest airline, ala, le tigre, or whether you have to stay in mothball infested youth hostels, just go! I promise you'll have the best time!

What was that? Your hardest decision is whether to skip class and go to the uni bar or to attend? Enjoy making these decisions, soon you'll have to decide between eggs or baked beans on toast because you'll have a house loan!!!

Don't worry about the little things, honestly, things have a way of working out.

Enjoy shoving whatever you like in your mouth and not gaining weight. No, you are not fat, you are a size 10. End of story. Calories, shmalories.

Enjoy gossipping with the girls during lectures, kicking back sun baking on the Barr 
Smith Lawns eating lunch, dancing until your heart is content, flying home every 4 weeks for 2 weeks holiday, dressing up for social events, punch nights and travelling, because full time work sucks.

So don't even begin to say, I can't wait to get out of uni and earn money, enjoy burning your scholarship money and working your part time jobs while you can.

Go out 4 nights a week, go on, back it up. Party, party, party!!! 

So what are you doing reading a stupid letter from your 25 year old self, go, scat, enjoy the 2.50 pints of beer while lazing in the afternoon sun, with nothing else to do,  and no where else to be...on a week day!

Haha, what would you say to your 19 year old self?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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Samara said...

Don't drink Passion Pop- spend the extra few dollars! ha ha