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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Don't Tell the Guests

Setting the date.


 The name of this segment is kind of ironic for today's post given that you'd definitely want to tell the guests your date otherwise you'd have a whole lot of scrumptious food, overflowing alcohol and an empty dance floor to yourself...come to think of it, perhaps that's not a bad thing at all! I kid, I kid. Of course you'd want your nearest and dearest there to laugh at their crazy antics, I mean, declare your mutual weirdness in front of.

Soooo...there are a couple of things to consider when setting the date. 

What season would you like your wedding in?

Do you want your wedding to fall on a long weekend?

Do you have your heart set on a photographer or celebrant (if so, then you will need to check their availability)?

When will the majority of your guests be able to attend?

Do you want it to fall on a special date like your anniversary?

Andddd of course, when is the football grand final (because who really wants guests cheering because their favourite team scored a goal instead of cheering for your love)? 

We were super lucky when setting our date. We knew we wanted it to be in the school holidays because so many of our friends are teachers or have children. We preferred a long weekend for those who had to travel. We knew that it couldn't be during football or netball season, or, god forbid, on the AFL grand final day. We also knew which photographer we'd set our hearts on. Luckily, with the help of Google for checking each of these dates, the 5th of October was the winner!

I then nervously had to ring the photographer with fingers and toes crossed to see whether he was free and SCORE - he was! It was fate.


What things did you have to consider when setting your date? How did you decide?

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Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx


Marianna Dunn said...

haha it's so funny that you mention football because that was definitely a big deciding factor when we picked our date! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

I had to consider the season because...I had ALWAYS wanted a summer wedding--always. But time rolled around, and the winter was best for us in our plans. So I kind of had to look at it and think, "Does this REALLY matteR?" Also, the weekend was the best for us & our families!!

amanda @ we and serendipity

Janna Renee said...

Yay for you getting married!! That is super duper exciting to be able to set a date. I know that is a hard thing, which is part of the reason we eloped ;)