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Monday, 3 June 2013

Carla's Kitchen; Starting Your Own Business

Anything you can think of - Carla will make!!! Check out her attention to detail!!!

Today I invite my gorgeous friend Carla to my blog, who happens to be a baking whiz (and perhaps the reason I've gained a couple of kgs!!!) 

Carla has taken life by the balls and decided to create her own little business, on the side, while still working full time! It's called Carla's Kitchen, and as you're about to see, she makes mouth wateringly, amazing, individualized baking creations! 

 I have invited Carla to share her story, as I think it's inspirational for others out there who um and ar about starting a new business based on their passion, but never quite get around to it!

Take it away Carla.

(ps I'm asking her back for an update on how it is all going soon!)

They're almost too cute to eat!!!
My Passion!

As I have heard so many cooks say before, my earliest memories of cooking are in the kitchen with my mum; elbow deep in chocolate cake batter and loving every minute. As I grew up in county, you couldn’t just pop to the shops and pick something up if you had a birthday approaching or someone coming over for a cuppa. Mum had great big glass jars full of flour and sugar and all the other goodies you needed that use to sit on shelves on the wall like trophies. Just about every year when I was a child my mum would bake a cake for me. I’m not going to lie and tell you that they were all masterpieces. More than anything, it was a lovely thought knowing that mum loved me enough to take the time to bake, ice and decorate something just for me on my special day.

Check out Carla's amazing creations!
As I grew up, I continued to love food (my pant size tells that’s story clearly enough) and I continued to learn from my mum and from others. I loved to bake cakes for other people on their birthdays through high school and continue to do so today, because, even if you cant afford an amazing present for them, baking is my way of saying, I love you.

Nom, nom, nom!!!
When I started my previous job working on the Ghan and the Indian Pacific, my way of making friends and influencing people was to bake and take it to work. Just about every trip across the country I took, I bought a tin full of shortbread or brownies to share with my crew. One of my fellow team members was turning 21, and had decided there was no point in taking the weekend off, and to go to work as per usual. I thought this was ridiculous, as did one of my fellow baking enthusiasts from the crew, but we were determined we would not let his birthday pass without marking the occasion. So together, we made him a bright green dinosaur cake. It was well received not only by the birthday boy, but by the rest of the crew. Funnily enough, that young man, who I baked for on his 21st birthday, is now my other half, Dave. I like to think, cake brings people together.

How cute is this little guy?!

The Start of My Business Plan!

As so many of us do, I was sitting at the desk of my 9 to 5 job, wishing it was Friday 5pm already, when in reality it was only 11am Monday morning.

 I had been having a re occurring thoughts over the last month or so thinking “something’s gotta change”. Then the realisation that change doesn’t happen on its own. 

I’ve put a few little feelers out to the universe over the last few weeks, in the hope that if I put enough little feelers out there something will come back to me. It was one of my best friends 25th Birthday on the weekend and I baked her a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and covered in rainbow confectionery. As I was quite poor, this was the best I could do to show her just how much I love her and appreciate her on her birthday. The reaction from my friends (whom I have been friends with since high school, well over a decade) was pretty astonishing. 


With this in mind, while I sat in my windowless cave of an office I thought to myself “I wish that was my day job”, then the light bulb moment 


I have set up my facebook page “Carla’sKitchen”, ordered business cards. I have absolutely no idea if it will even get off the ground at this stage, but you never know unless you try. I felt like I was walking on cloud nine for a good hour or so today, butterflies in the stomach, the full drill. Until my boss called me for a meeting and then reality kicked back in. Who knows, one day, my reality may be one entirely different.

Omg - don't these just look DELICIOUS!!

Any opportunity to “share the love” and bake for someone else’s loved one, mark a special occasion or just make someone’s day a little brighter feels like it would make my life brighter. So next time you need a batch of brownies, or short bread or a delicious pretty cake, give me a call and hopefully we can bring a little sunshine to all of our lives.

So much time, effort, love and care is placed into each creation that Carla makes!!!
Much love,

Carla xxx

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Clint Shaff @ FranchiseMatch said...

Turn your passion into business, and you'll never get tired of working. You make others happy with your baking creations, while fulfilling you personal satisfaction as well. I hope the best for your business!