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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What Do You Want To Achieve Before You Die?

Have you ever thought about what you truly want to achieve before you die?

It kind of sounds morbid, but I mean it in a positive, inspirational, motivational way.

What is it, deep down in your guts, that you feel like you need to do, or want to do, or what kind of a person do you wish to be remembered for, in your life?

I found myself pondering this the other day; what is it that I want to achieve - for me - for my own satisfaction? And what is it that I want to achieve for my family and relationship with my partner? And, what do I want to commit to the community and society?

There were only 5 big things that stood out to me - 5 things that really truly meant something to me - that gave me a sense of purpose, achievement and accomplishment.

Number 1. To write a book. I've always wanted to have the courage to write a book. To be honest, I think I have wayyy over thought the whole process and have scared myself into inaction. I'm scared that no one would buy it but on the other hand, I'm nervous that if it did become a huge hit, how I would handle 'fame' and recognition and just how that would change the life I love. My blog is the first step to me achieving my writing dream. Starting my blog has given me so much courage and confidence with writing, and has shown me how truly rewarding it can be. I guess I worry that writing a book would turn my hobby into a career, and I'm just not sure if that's what I want. Right now, I can write what I want, when I want. When you become a journalist, you are told what to write and when, with tight deadlines, and everyone knows that full time writers rarely pay the bills unless they strike it big. Catch 22 really. Right now I find my fulfilment in my blog, but who knows what the future holds, maybe, just maybe one day, I'll see my name on the front cover of a book (or by then probably on a tablet as books won't exist!!!)

Number 2. Own a beach shack. I was always envious of my friends who could pack up their stuff and vacate to the beach for 3 months over summer. I always hated having to pack the bag with eskies, towels, sunscreen, shade tents, fishing rods, bogey boards, bathers, snorkels, food and everything in between, only to have to pack it all up and shove it back into the car after a day at the beach to return home. I love the freedom and break from routine that a shack brings to a family. I love the friendly, relaxed atmosphere that a shack creates, as well as the family vibe (especially when TVs are replaced with board games and cards). I love the idea of spending my days waking up to the smell of the beach, and sound of kids laughing while they play out on the deck!!!

Number 3. Live on a farm. I grew up in the country but I was a 'townie'. While many of my friends grew up on a farm, and enjoyed the wide open space and freedom that a farm brings, I grew up with noisy neighbours and having to keep our music 'to a reasonable noise level!' I always envied my friends who got to grow up raring lambs, driving with their dad on the tractor, not having neighbours, being able to cruise around on four wheelers, learn to drive from the age they could walk, help out during shearing, drive the chaser bin during seeding, and well, just explore, roam and love the openness of a farm. I knew that one day, I'd want to raise my children on a farm, so that they could enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life, like new life, where milk and grain comes from, trust, respect and responsibility to do the right thing unsupervised, and to appreciate the slowed pace of life. One day I hope that we can live in a big old stone farm house, with a shearing shed, veggie and herb garden, and big wide open paddocks with beautiful sunsets and undisturbed night skies.

Number 4: To create a family out of the love that my partner and I have for each other. To be honest, I'm not super maternal, in fact, my family and I always joke about how I want my children to come out with the maturity, abilities and personality of a one year old (just not the size!) I'm not super patient with a newborn and their crying! But, one day I know it'll be different with a child of our own, and I can't wait for the love that you must feel when you produce a little human being who is half of you and your partner.

Number 5: Hold a fundraising event for mental health. It's something that I feel so passionate and strongly about. I really want the opportunity to raise funds and awareness about mental health, and how it impacts an individual, families and communities. I dream of having guest speakers talk about their experiences, and people volunteering their time and resources to help to raise money for Beyond Blue.

What do you want to achieve or own before you die? 

Look after yourselves and those around you,


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