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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Don't Tell the Guests - Special Roles

A wedding day is a special opportunity for two people to commit themselves to each other for life, in front of their family and friends.

And even though, that, in itself is cause for a celebration, I truly think that a wedding day is so much more then that.

It's a super special day for both of the families, who are bought together by the union of their children. It's the parents celebrating raising a child who is now about to start their own family. It's about the parents being able to walk their daughter down the aisle and give her away to a man who they (hopefully) trust and respect to love, appreciate and cherish their creation. It's about the parents of the groom being able to stand up amongst friends and family to acknlowedge their love and pride in the couple.

A wedding gives the opportunity for friends from different circles of life to meet, and to put faces to names that they have heard in conversations over the years.

It's a chance for friends and family from afar to come together, despite the many miles between them, to share the love that they feel towards the couple, with the couple.

There's so many people who help to make a wedding day come together, run smoothly and above all, to be a day that the bride and groom will remember forever.

To be honest, so many people place an emphasis on the bridal party being a 'big thing' on the day, but I guess Mick and I kind of had a different approach to our day. Yes, our bridal party is a group of people who we love and cherish, but everyone who is invited to our day plays a very special role. There are no group of friends or family who we love any less or more; everyone is equally as special to us!

There are some special roles that we have delegated on the day to help us make it super special.

The gorgeous Ran!
Firstly, we have two amazing girls who are going to perform our readings (of which we have created ourselves). I'm not going to give too much away, because what we have in mind is quite unique, but we have chosen these two girls to be a special part of our day, and to share something that is very close to us with everyone. Bring on down, Carla and Ran. I met Carla in my first ever geography lecture at university. She commented on my board shorts, and well, the conversation just flowed from there. Straight away we clicked, and have been friends ever since. The second is someone who Mick and I classify as a sister; our beloved Rhiannon. Ran helped me to get Mick into shape as a house husband when we lived together in Adelaide. Mick and Ran carry on like brothers and sisters sometimes, and other times Mick has been known to be a bit of a father figure! Together we've laughed, and faced my depression. I couldn't imagine the day without these girls.

My darling girl Carla! Love her guts!

Secondly we have two laid back, beautiful girls, who will be greeting our guests and setting the atmosphere for our special day; come on down Lisa and Amy. Their special role will be handing out the programs to our guests, making them feel welcome, showing them where to sit, giving out bubbles and really just making the guests feel comfortable, fed and watered haha!!! (I'm not sure if the girls even realise that this is what I had in mind yet!!!) Both girls have played a huge part in my life. I have known Lisa since school and have spent many weekends camping, four wheel driving, caving, and being beach bums together. I only met Amy a couple of years ago but I feel like I've known her forever. We share a love for musicals, sangria, Chinese and Indian, reading, girly DVDs and bumming at the beach!!!

The amazing Amy!
The bubbly and bright Bumbles!


Thirdly comes my parents. I have chosen for both my mum and dad to walk me down the aisle and 'give me away.' One of my best friends did this at her wedding and I absoloutly loved the idea. Both of my parents have played a huge role in my upbringing and life, and I therefore want both of them to be there when I get ready, and to present me to my future husband!

Fourthly comes the mums. We have decided to have my mum and Mick's mum sign the registry. Sometimes I think the grooms mums miss out on a special role - the dad gets to do a speech at the reception but the mum sometimes misses out. Our mums were pretty chuffed when we asked!!!

Fifthly comes the master of ceremony or MC. We're asking one of Mick's dads best friend, who is a funny funny guy, to speak at our reception. We're both pretty laid back people, and thought it'd be awesome to have him set the mood for our celebration, in a relaxed, humorous atmosphere!!!

Sixthly we have Mick's 10 year old brother, holding the hands of our flower girl and paige boy, who are both almost 3, as they walk down the aisle. He was pretty chuffed when we asked, and he can't wait to get dressed up in a suit! I secretly thought that Mick might have him as his best man, but we thought he might be too short for the role!!!

Which seventhly, leads on to our flower girl and paige boy. Really it was a no brainer for us; almost 3 years ago two little premature babies came into our lives, one of which is Mick's godchild, and we fell in love instantly. We've seen them battle through challenges in the hospital, right through to now when they can walk, talk, run, say our names, give us cuddles and provide us with many laughs! They're so cute and precious and we can't wait to have them their on our special day.

I know there's a couple of other roles that we still need to fill, like drivers for our cars, but we don't even have the cars yet (haha minor detail!!!)

But as you can see, there's a huge number of people involved in a wedding, and we feel so blessed to have so many close family and friends who we can ask to help!!!

What special roles did you give to people?

How did you decide which role was for who?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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