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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Retail Therapy Kick

Sometimes money does equal happiness.

There's just something super exciting about pulling up at a shopping centre and knowing that just inside those doors,  there's items that are just so darn cute and adorable that youfeel as though they were made just to make you feel all gooey and excitable on the inside.

Yes,  the retail therapy kick.

Seriously,  it exists,  and while it may seem superficial there's nothing wrong with dabbling in a little (lot) of consumerism.

While online shopping means that within a moment of downloading a page and the click of a button your prized possession arrives smack bang on your very own doorstep,  call me old fashioned but I still love the experience of in store shopping.

It's nice to be fussed over (in a non overbearing pushy way) and to load your arms up with so many coat hangers that the sales assistance gives up on counting your number of items and waves you through.

Nothing beats seeing how the gourmets fit your body type and realizing that you look a million bucks in that item that caught your eye on the rack.

And then there's the hop skip and the jump to the counter to wave around your card and make that final exchange so that the gourmet is your very own hot property.

Oh wait,  and then there's rushing home in the door and re trying on all of your purchases and twisting and turning from all angles in the mirroring secretly patting yourself on the back for your hard days efforts.


I don't care how lame it sounds but it's therapeutic and is a great confidence boast to know you have something new to shape up your boring old closest!

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