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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Would you work for free?

Would you ever work for free?

Did you know that there's millions of people out there donating their time and energy for the greater goodness of this world?

I think it's truly amazing, inspiring and a great example of just how enriched our lives can be through the commitment of people who put up their hand,  often behind the scenes and who go unrecognized,  solely because they want to spread joy awareness and share their knowledge and skills with others.

We live in an era where the demands of life make us time poor and between juggling work and running a house we often have little to no energy left for anything else.

This is what makes volunteers even more remarkable; they find the time in their busy schedules to attend meetings,  apply for funding grants, create events,  network with local organisation's,  plan training sessions,  brainstorm ideas and turn ideas into actions.

There's so many of these people who live amongst us and bring joy and depth to our lives.

Often some of the most rewarding and beneficial activities that you engage in don't have a salary attached to them;  you just do them out of the goodness of your heart.

So let's take a minute to celebrate these unsung heros and to go out of our way to show your support to them.

It could be the guy who donates his time to run the bar and cook delicious meals back at the club for no other reason but to fill your bellies with joy!

It might be your netball president or coach who spends countless hours planning training sessions,  attending meetings,  setting up the courts,  chasing subs just so that you can take the court on a Saturday.

It may be your tutor, mentor,  town gardener,  book club president or anyone you know,  who is donating their time to your cause.

Let them know that you appreciate them, for your words and gratitude is payment enough.

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xx

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