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Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Final Blog Post...

Before I fly away to Fiji for 2 whole weeks and indulge in copious amounts of cocktails while watching my little sister walk down the aisle! Yes, my LITTLE sister is getting married and I am about to BURST with pride!

Here's a little sneak peak of the fun we've had on her journey to becoming a wife!

Do you think we look alike?

This was her Hens Weekend: Teegs, Em, Me, Chloe and Mum in our goergeous toilet paper wedding gowns!
The carefully crafted Hens Weekend cake.

Check out her kit and kaboodle that we chose for her to wear out on the town!

Giggle! A sign of our maturity!

I think we're like chalk and cheese!

I get to go to Fiji with these gorgeous girls who are all her bridesmaids!

One of the dresses we were giggling about!

Insert Teegs and Fozs face over the top of this lovely couple! Via

While we're celebrating like this (insert mine and Mick's heads over these sexy bodies!) Via

I could write a whole post on just how proud I am of my little sister, but instead, I'm going to leave you imaging just how gorgeous next Wednesday, the 26th of September is going to be for all involved. My little sister is going to start the day as Tegan Arnold and will finish as Tegan Stephens :) Love that kid.

See ya in 2 weeks.

Look after yourself and those around you,




Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break and this special family time Kirst, I have only just found some time to spend reading your blog, we are proud of you and feel lucky that our paths have crossed xxoo Mel

Juliette said...

Ahah looks like so much fun!
And the Fidji, AMAZING!