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Thursday, 26 July 2012

25 things I want to do when I'm 25!

I'm a HUGE believer in AIMING high, grabbing life by the balls and giving it a good old shake up!

Erin gave me the idea on her blog, Living in Yellow! It sounded like fun.

Meet Erin. I'm totally addicted to her blogs!

So here goes.

The 25 things that I want to do when I turn 25 in March next year (omg, 25! Crazy! How did I get this old?!? haha)

1. Marry my best friend.

2. Get to 1,000 followers of my blog (okay, I live in Australia and we're a little behind the times in the Blogging world so I'm aiming extremely high here!) Help me out the rest of the world haha.

3. Travel to Mauritius and South Africa with my partner on our honeymoon and meet friends in South Africa to do a safari...all dressed in the khaki clothes with a hunters hat of course.

4. Start a book club. I'm moving back to my home town and I'm not sure if they currently have one. I LOVE reading but sometimes don't find the "time" to do it. This would make me make the time.

5. Exercise everyday. 

6. Run a triathlon. This is a BIG call but I love swimming, love running and don't mind bike riding (except the sore crutch after) so why not put all three together?

7. Volunteer my time to a worthy cause. Somewhere. Maybe CareersSA?

8. Make 3 new lasting friendships when I move home. 

9. Continue to create awareness about mental health in any way that I can.

10. Paint. My currently painting skills include finger painting and stick figures. I want to learn to unleash my creative side.

11. Have a regular date night. Every week.

12. Do something spontaneous with my partner. Maybe go shark cage diving?

13. Take my parents for a weekend away. Just to let them know that I love them to bits and pieces.

14. Learn to COOK! HAHAHA! I'm not all that flash. I definitely want to try some new recipes and give it a good old crack.

15. Have a dress up party once every 3 months at our house. Any excuse to dress up rocks my socks.

16. Begin our wine collection. Or should I say, maintain our wine collection without drinking them faster then we can stock them!

17. Create a funky wine rack inspired by Pinterest.

18. Have sex in a sneaky place (hahaha).

19. Have a full season of netball! It's been awhile with injuries so I'd love to play a full season, and be incredibly fit and buff!

20. Hold a fundraiser for Mental Health. That would be satisfying.

21. Buy another property....possibly a beach shack...

22. Start writing a book. This has been a life goal of mine.

23. Study something. Maybe psychology by distance. Or something on becoming a facilitator.

24. Call one of my friends at least once a week just to chat.

25. Be happy and healthy. I know this sounds lame but after being sick with Depression last year I just hope for another year of health and happiness.

Check out what other people have to say at Living in Yellow.

You can play to. Think of your next birthday age then write a list of goals to achieve by that age ( ie 25 goals by the time I'm 25!)

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx


Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

Kristy, thank you for visiting me at Life Beyond the Picket Fence. I am honored to communicate with someone in Australia! The theme of your blog is important. I'm a counselor and validate how many things are swept under the rug and cause many people pain. I can't wait to join you in some of these conversations! And 5 Love Languages - one of the best!

Kirsty Arnold said...

Haha thanks! I have thought about becoming a counsellor but I just don't think I'm strong enough...yet anyway! I take my hat off to you!

I LOVE THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES...I have a couple of blog posts in mind discussing each of them!

A true relationship saver!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you linked up with Living in Yellow! Your blog is wonderful and I love that you discuss things others are a little shy to mention. Your list is also great, shark cave diving?! Holy cow!! Looking forward to getting to know more about you!



Kirsty Arnold said...

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for commenting :) I still get excited butterflies when someone comments :)

Typo...shark cave diving was meant to be shark cage diving lol there's no way that I'd be in a cave under water with a shark hovering overhead lol

I can't wait to get to know you too!

Loving Blogging!