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Monday, 30 July 2012

To market, to market to buy a fat hen.

BARGAINS galore!
I am going to make a regular Tight Ass Tuesday blog post for all things tightening your belt to save your hard earned pennies on Tuesdays!

Today's Budgeting 101 tip involves making a trip to your local markets!

Markets rock!


One; it's fun hustling and bustling with other eager market goers for the best bargain. 

Beep beep move your trolley, I'm coming through!

Two; the markets have the power to get the good old adrenaline pumping when you hear the sellers call out "watermelons, come get your super round, delicious tasting watermelons." Another one that sets your heart a fluttering is "50c, 50c, apples going for 50c a kilo!" BOO YEAH!

Soooo many bargains!

Three; you know that the produce is fresh and delicious. Most of the growers and sellers are up at the same time that people are getting home from their late Saturday night bender to pick the fruit and veg, load it in the truck and bring it to the markets for you to score a bargain!

These beans reminded me of the magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk!

Four; the markets are CHEAP. Ridiculously cheap.

So cheap that I made Mick smuggle our goodies into this back pack (all paid for of course :P)

The great market challenge!

Last Sunday was market day in our household. Mick and I headed off to our local markets in search for fresh fruit and veg to fill our ever hungry fridge.

We had $20 to spend. Big spenders we are!

We were shattered when we got to the gate and realised that the entry price had risen to $1.50 per person.

We were now down to $17.

The challenge began. Just how much could we buy for $17?

All of this for $17! You ripper!

The answer?

Cauliflower, broccoli, bananas, apples, mushrooms, chillies, cucumber, capsicum, pumpkin, tomatoes and celery.

Our fridge looking quite sad and sorry for itself BEFORE our hot market date!

Our fridge looking much more happy, content and healthy AFTER our market visit!


Do you make regular trips to your local markets? What do you love about them?

I sure am going to miss the atmosphere of the markets when we move back to the country.

Look after your money and those around you by getting on down to your local fresh fruit and veg market,

Kirsty xxxx


The Thrifty Challenge said...

Oh how I wish we had markets in our town. We have markets once a month so that can help but I find the best way to save money with groceries is to make a list and stick to it!- something im still working on! Enjoy your time at the markets x

Kirsty Arnold said...

Haha yes, sticking to what you need is hard when the power of what you want is greater.

I save money by NOT taking Mick grocery shopping haha he's the one who chucks things that aren't on special and aren't necessities in to the trolley hahaha