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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why buy things brand new when you can save at a salvage yard?

Doors galore! Particularly LOVED the stain glassed windows! There's something for everyone!

My partner and I are always looking for ways to save money.

Too often I think there's an expectation to have the best of the best, right from a young age. I don't know if that's an expectation passed down from generation to generation or whether it's just our age group who want to own the nicest car, the best house on the street and the newest and greatest fits and fads.

My partner almost wet himself over the slabs of wood...one day we'll have one this big and turn it into an amazing outside area table!
Mick and I have soon learnt that unless you want to get yourself into half a million dollars of debt and fast, then you have to do a lot of the hard work yourself. You also have to find ways to make your hard earned dollar stretch as far as possible.

Our story

Everyone knows that "wet areas" are the most expensive rooms to renovate. Having almost spent $20,000 already on our renovations, we were looking for ways to save some moolah on our en suite for our granny flat.

Handbasin anyone?
Mick suggested googling salvage yards in Adelaide. Within seconds of typing "salvage yards in Adelaide" in to Google we had multiple choices and ended up heading off to one close-ish to our house. Our mission: Adelaide and Rural Salvage  in search of a shower screen and all things bathroom.

We couldn't believe our eyes when we set foot into the salvage yard.


Showers that looked brand new!
There were rows and rows of doors, hand basins, windows, timber, light fittings, ceiling fans, stainless steel kitchen goods, ovens, toilets...and so much more!

It was a renovators paradise.

We ended up walking away with a stainless steel window for our bathroom and a shower screen for $200 bucks.

Millions of windows!

You know what they say, someones trash is someone else's treasure.

We'd found our treasure and for a fraction of the price that we would've paid for the items brand new!

The money we saved was able to be spent going out for dinner with friends (which is much better then it some cheesy sale mans wallet!)

My hunk a spunk with our bathroom window curtesy of the salvage yard!
Have you ever been to a salvage yard? What do you LOVE about them? Would you recommend them to others? Why/Why not?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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