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Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Licence to Walk?

Don't be fooled by pedestrian crossings around the world. In Australia cars must give way to people when they approach a zebra crossing - in Europe, pedestrians simply close their eyes, and walk, as cars zoom past around them! SCARY! Via

 I giggled so much when the guy that I chat to on the bus jumped on and said that he'd written me something.

I'm sure all of us have encountered a few of these "issues".

Take it away Matt.

As a regular user of footpaths and pedestrian crossings it never ceases to amaze me as to the blasé nature of other people. Let me explain.

The Elderly                                         They totter along moving slowly from one side of the footpath to the other and back again as they make their way from point A to B. This is a natural phenomenon so I’m told. Others have plenty of warning of this thanks to the generally slow pace at which they move. Considering none of us will remain eternally young unless we die prematurely we will all encounter this phenomenon eventually.

The Mobile Phone Talker            A classic! They weave, speed up, slow down, all the while trying to navigate other humans, rubbish bins, bus stops, trees and light poles. They are rarely predictable and caution should be advised when approaching them from any angle as their reaction could be quite unexpected. The Police can pull you over for talking on a mobile phone whilst driving because you are distracted enough to potentially cause an accident – should those in transit on a footpath have the same rules applied to them?

The Office Worker                          We have limited time on our lunch breaks and having to navigate the above obstacles is time consuming. This is where I propose that road rules be used. If you are elderly and need to turn left or right please indicate your intentions – I propose a little red flag perhaps? However this won’t work for ‘The Mobile Phone Talker’ because it is just another obstacle they need to watch out for but will ignore as their attention is diverted by whomever it is they are talking to. If you think about it, when driving a car, riding a bike etc we have to take care to avoid those around us. Why shouldn’t the same concept be applied to people on footpaths?


I have one to add - turning busy streets into "bottle o" type rules; the inside lane closest to the shop windows as the "browsing lane" and the outside lane as the "walk through". 

Oh oh ohhh and one more - what's with people who have umbrellas walking UNDER the shaded area when it rains? Move - out - of - the - way - already! haha

What problems have you encountered as a pedestrian?

Do we need a licence to walk?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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