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Thursday, 15 November 2012

An Australian Soldier...

The cutest couple EVER! Brock and Amy - love these kids!

He hears the sound of his alarm beeping far before he sees the light illuminating the room.

Surely not, he thinks, as he rolls over and tenderly places a kiss on his gorgeous girlfriends shoulder.

She, of course, is wide awake and has been all night but she lays still slowly inhaling and exhaling as if to give the illusion that she’s asleep while she enjoys the tender touch of his lips.

Today’s the day she thinks.

He presses his body against hers, pulling her in close, breathing in the scent of her hair, that beautiful smell of sweet apples that tickles his nostrils and reminds him of her whenever he smells it.

He then slowly peels his body from hers and swings his legs over the bed. His right ankle brushes against something hard; it’s his boot that he’d left next to the bed last night.

He groggily tip toes into his built in wardrobe, so as to not stir his peaceful princess, shuts the door behind him, and flicks on the light.

He peels his carefully ironed shirt off of the coat hanger and slips in his left arm, shrugs his shoulders and brings around his right arm to cover it in cloth too.

He smiles as he realises that he has done this to perfection, without a single crease.

Next he unfolds his pants that were placed upon a thick wooden coat hanger, opens the mouth wide and slowly steps one foot inside, gains his balance and quickly steps the other beside it, then he draws them up to his waist, tightens the buttons, and tucks his shirt in.

He takes a deep breath. Today’s the day he thinks.

He flicks off the light and gently pushes on the door to re enter into the bedroom.

She rolls over to admire the view. He kisses her gently on the cheek.

He then opens the top drawer to his bedside table revelling his fluffy green socks. He unwraps them from the cute little bun that she ties them up in and quickly pulls them over his toes.

He then slips his feet into his perfectly polished shoes and does up the laces.

She wriggles over to the side of the bed and wraps her arms around him; she feels so comforted.

He lets her stay like this for a little while and feels the energy rush between them, but he knows that he must continue to get ready otherwise he will be late, and of all days, he must not be late today.

He regretfully unfolds her hands and walks into the bathroom where he splashes some water into his face and takes a good hard look at himself in the mirror.

He sees a young boy playing army men with the plastic figurines that “father Christmas” had given him in a stocking one year.

And within a blink of an eye, he sees a grown man, dressed in uniform, ready for another days work. Work; just another day in the “office”.

He makes sure that his collar is perfectly straightened, that his hair is slicked to the side, and that there’s no “fluff” on his uniform.

Today’s the day.

When he turns around, she’s staring at him in the doorway.

 He nuzzles his nose into her neck and then whispers in her ear, “now now, I’ll be back before you know it, and then we can start our life together”.

A tear runs down her cheek, not because she’s sad, but because she’s bursting with pride.

Today’s the day he leaves for Afghanistan for 6 months to serve his country.

Today’s the day he makes his girlfriend, friends, family and nation proud.

This kid never fails to crack me up - out of uniform he's just a typical Aussie bloke!

To Brock, one of my best mates, see you on the flip side and thanks – thanks for being a great friend and for choosing to protect your country.

I am so proud.

I'll look after your princess until you return mwaaa aaaa ahhh!!!

Look after yourself and those around you,



Sandy Crettenden said...

Beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes. I still remember that boy playing armies out in the paddock with my brothers. All the best to Brock. Stay safe x

Leah G-B said...

Wow this brought tears to my eyes too. All the best Brock Australia is already thankful for your service come home safe