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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Calling Just 'Cos.

The other day I shocked myself.

My phone rang and up popped one of my best friends name on the caller ID. I was super excited because she'd recently moved away and I thought she must have something important to tell me.

We chatted and giggled so loudly that my partner came down from the bedroom to see what I was up to! Time flew and before I knew it, the phone was so hot on my ear that persperiation started to form!

I hung up with a rather goof like small on my face thinking w0w - that was nice. Then, in a moment of hestiation, I almost rang her back because I thought that she'd forgotten to tell me the important thing that she had rung up for.

Just before I was about to hit re-dial, it occured to me that she'd rung up, just 'cos she wanted to hear my voice, have a giggle, and catch up on the hot goss.

Me - oh - my - had I really gotten to the stage that I had to question when someone calls me just 'cos, or that I'd have the expectation that they must want something or have something important to divulge with me?

It got me thinking about the last time that I had called someone just 'cos.

I made a pact to myself then and there that at least every fortnight I would call one of my good friends just 'cos I miss hearing their giggle, or actually hearing their voice instead of 'liking' their latest status update.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking the same thing?

When was the last time that you called someone just 'cos?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxx

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Elise Collins said...

Was thinking about this just the other day.. 'just cos' calls have pretty much gone from my life.. I don't receive them or make them.. feel hesitant to even call someone without a reason because it seems like 'we just dont do that' anymore so it'd make both parties uncomfortable to call for no reason. Sad!! Time to do something about that..