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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Depression: One Year On

I view the world through a different lens after suffering from depression last year.

I no longer walk to work with my head buried deep inside of my phone. Instead, I leave my phone in my handbag and I look for the beauty in that morning.


I notice the light pink and white cherry blossoms that have formed on branches that almost looked dead, and how, each day, they open wider and wider, exposing the pollen within. I notice the bees making the most of this fresh morning delight, as they bask in the glory of fresh golden liquid. I notice the warmer air on my skin and the feel of the sun warming my back and I notice the tiny flowers following their life cycle and turning into cherries.


I breathe and not just the rhythmyical falling and filling of your chest cavity breath, but the very conscious, must-enjoy-the-feel-of-this-beautiful-warm-air-entering-in-through-my-nose-and-filling-my-chest type breathing.

There's a big difference to the way it makes you feel - go on, try it; the art of the conscious breath.


I have mantras up my sleeve so that when I start to feel overwhelmed or out of control, or angry, I can whip them out and recognise my thoughts, so that I can challenge and change them.

These include:
Is it really worth stressing over?
I am happy and healthy.
Put yourself in their shoes.
Why am I letting this affect me?
I am grateful for what I have.


I really try to squeeze exercise into my day. Lately I have been walking around the Torrens River, escaping the office for some fresh air and vitamin d, or I coax my partner or aunty to come for a walk with me after work. I also try to disguise  exercise, because the word alone makes me cringe and want to rebel by sitting on my bum in protest, by going for walks down the beach, or performing water aerobics like a goober!!!


I give myself permission to stuff up, be grumpy and tired, and to say no - something that I struggled with before depression with my perfectionist/stress head personality.

I make the time to do tasks that I find fulfilling, like renovating, writing, kicking back in my deckchair in the backyard and reading, and running baths with overflowing bubbles.

I know my limits, such as staying home 3 nights during the work week, and I stick to them.

I have learnt to validate and trust my opinion, which has helped me to find my voice. I used to find myself biting my tongue a lot in fear of upsetting someone or having my opinion discarded. Now, while I am still mindful of others feelings, I trust my judgement; it's like a weight has been shifted from my shoulders and I feel much more confident in my abilities.

I have learnt compassion, understanding and respect for fellow mental health sufferers and supporters of those suffering.

I have learnt the true value of health and happiness.

I have fallen in love with my friends, family and partner all over again, and I will be forever grateful for their support and patience.

Overall I believe that I have become a better, stronger, happier and healthier person because of my experience.

Me all dressed up for the races!

Have you ever suffered from a mental health issue? What have you learnt? What have you learnt from supporting someone with mental health? What have you learnt from my blog?

Look after yourself and those around you,

Kirsty xxxx

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