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Monday, 12 November 2012

Come Fly With Me to Florence

When you think of Italy, what do you picture?

If you are anything like me, than your image is filled with terracotta coloured houses, olive branches sighing from the amount of fruit on their branches, the smell of freshly cooked pizza wafting through the streets and dark haired Italian chefs yelling out "mumma mia, this is a greata pizza!" (haha)

Well, Florence definitely didn't disappoint.

The cobbled streets lead you to many surprises as you potter around Florence, including the gorgeous marble church, gelati piled up in mountains of creamy goodness, rows and rows of vespas line the streets, statues, statues and more statues, and the canals.

If you are adventurous, like we were, you can also wonder off of the beaten track and discover some of the most amazing views over Florence that are truly just awe inspiring.


I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

It was Winter, and freezing, but it felt so cosy!

Just breath taking - seriously, we just sat here in awe for so long.

Proof that I was there!
The beautiful canals of Florence at night time Via 
The view of the city from the look out Via

Top tips:
1. I would recommend 3 days max in Florence (with a day trip to Pisa).
2. Don't be scared to wander the streets, you never know what you'll discover.
3. Don't forget to enjoy some gelati!
4. Buy a Europass, that's how we traveled around Europe (to get to Florence, we took the train from Rome). 
5. We stayed right near the train station. No we didn't pre book. Yes it was the off season. Yes, we had the Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring book. Here's where we stayed - it was very cute http://www.hostelarchirossi.com/

Have you been to Florence? What did you fall in love? 

Look after yourself and those around you,


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